Science Writing

In true science communicator fashion, I greatly enjoy writing for a non-academic audience. I am a contributor to Please keep to the path, an online conservation psychology resource reporting on classic and contemporary research in short and engaging ‘bytes’ (see my articles here).

I have my own science writing blog I post to occasionally (Lizard Tales), and I have also written a few articles for online blogs and magazines:

Seeing the wood for the trees: the value of interdisciplinary work for conservation, Remember the Wild, October 2017.

Why men lose their might, Lateral Magazine, September 2016.
A new book by anthropologist Richard G. Bribescas shows how evolution continues to shape human health and mortality.

Out in the wild, Lateral Magazine, March 2016.
Far from being “unnatural”, homosexuality is well-documented across the animal kingdom.

The fastest show on earth, Lateral Magazine, September 2015.
We often consider evolution a thing of the past. In reality, it may be occuring right under our noses, and perhaps even in our basements.