My name is Emily Gregg and I am a PhD Candidate investigating ways to improve strategic communications for threatened species conservation. I have a background in conservation ecology and a passion for effective wildlife management and threatened species conservation.


I am interested in transferring knowledge from communication-focused disciplines, such as social marketing and public relations, to improve outcomes for both communities and wildlife. I have a particular interest in improving public engagement strategies with so-called “non-charismatic” species, including reptiles, amphibians, rodents, bats, invertebrates, and plants.

I am currently a PhD Candidate with the Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group at RMIT University. I am lucky enough to be supervised by Dr Georgia Garrard (ICON), Professor Sarah Bekessy (ICON), Dr Jenny Robinson (School of Media and Communications, RMIT), and Dr Jenny Martin (The University of Melbourne).

I am also passionate about creating positive social change and action around biodiversity conservation and climate change, and have completed a Fellowship with the Australian Conservation Foundation as Story Mobilisation Coordinator (Feb-June 2020) and Communications and Behaviour Researcher (June-Dec 2020).

I have a Master of Science (Zoology) from the University of Melbourne, where I investigated the feasibility of a waterless barrier to halt cane toad spread in Western Australia, working with the wonderful Dr Ben Phillips and Dr Reid Tingley.

desert site d1

Field site in Western Australia radio-tracking cane toads

I have also been lucky enough to intern at Arid Recovery, where I spent over three months pitfall trapping for small reptiles and mammals, catching bilbies, checking camera traps, and getting extraordinarily excited about Greater Stick-nest Rat tracks in the red sand.


Some seriously charismatic reptile species on the Arid Recovery reserve (Bearded Dragon, Sand Goanna, and Fat-tailed Gecko)

In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, running, hiking, volunteering to get my fieldwork fix and scrawling out to-do lists doomed never to be seen again.

If you would like to discuss my research or potential case studies/collaborations please contact me on emily.gregg@rmit.edu.au, or catch me on Twitter @SciEms.

(All photos posted on here are taken by myself, unless noted otherwise.)

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