Hi there, I’m Emily!

I’m a conservation social scientist, with a particular interest in strategic communication planning and design. I’m passionate about applying knowledge from communication studies and other social sciences to improve outcomes for nature and people.

EGregg Profile

I’m currently based in Melbourne, working remotely as the Kangaroo Partnership Coordinator with the South Australian Arid Lands Landscape Group (SAAL) and Sevenseas Creative, and as a Research Assistant within the ICON Science research group at RMIT University.

I am also a steering committee member of the People and Nature Alliance, and co-founder of I Promise to Act. I highly value and prioritise work that allows me to contribute to caring for nature, in a strategic, creative, and empathetic way.

I am always happy to be contacted for a chat, so please do not hesitate to get in touch via email if you are interested in hearing more or discussing potential collaborations!

If your queries are regarding my research or otherwise, please contact me on emily.gregg@rmit.edu.au or via Twitter @SciEms.

If your queries are regarding the Kangaroo Partnership Project, please contact me on coordinator@sakangaroopartnership.com.

My background

I recently submitted my PhD thesis at RMIT University (hooray!). I completed my PhD with the ICON Science research group and was lucky enough to be supervised by Professor Sarah Bekessy (ICON), Dr Georgia Garrard (The University of Melbourne), Dr Jenny Robinson (School of Media and Communications, RMIT) and Dr Jen Martin (The University of Melbourne).

I have completed a conservation internship with Bush Heritage Australia (2021-2022), and a fellowship with the Australian Conservation Foundation as Story Mobilisation Coordinator (Feb-June 2020) and Communications and Behaviour Researcher (June-Dec 2020). I was also lucky enough to intern at Arid Recovery in early 2017, where I participated in pitfall trapping for small reptiles and mammals, catching bilbies, checking camera traps, and getting extraordinarily excited about Greater Stick-nest Rat tracks in the red sand.


Some seriously charismatic reptile species on the Arid Recovery reserve (Bearded Dragon, Sand Goanna, and Fat-tailed Gecko)

I have a Master of Science (Zoology) (2015-2016) from the University of Melbourne, where I investigated the feasibility of a waterless barrier to halt cane toad spread in Western Australia, working with the wonderful Dr Ben Phillips and Dr Reid Tingley.

desert site d1

Field site in Western Australia radio-tracking cane toads

Prior to my masters, I completed a Bachelor of Science (Zoology) (2012-2015), where I specialised in ecology, and completed breadth subjects in creative writing and history of science.

Outside of my research career, I have worked as a university tutor, vet nurse, and rowing coach. I have also enjoyed volunteering with Zoos Victoria, Writers Victoria, and the Melbourne Writer’s Festival. In my spare time, I distract myself with reading, writing, running, hiking, kayaking, tabletop roleplaying games, and volunteering backstage with community musical theatre companies, where my project management and problem solving skills are truly put to the test…

(All photos posted on this site are taken by myself, unless noted otherwise)


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